ONE FC 5 Results: Phil Baroni Steals The Show With Soccer Kick Beatdown

Soccer kicks. While ONE FC’s new and slightly confusing blend of PRIDE and Unified rules may have derailed the Tim Sylvia vs. Andrei Arlovski finish, it did deliver with two exciting finishes that you wouldn’t be able to see on any other promotion.

During the prelim action, Tiger Muay Thai’s Shannon Wiratchai caught Mitch Chilson with a short right hook, and followed up with a big soccer kick for the finish, but surprisingly, that wasn’t even close to being the highlight of the night. The main card delivered with a ton of action, but ultimately it was Phil Baroni’s PRIDE style beatdown on the prelims that stole the show.

Coming in to the fight against Rodrigo Ribeiro, a well rounded BJJ Champion from Evolve MMA, Baroni had his back on the wall and was definitely in a must-win situation. For weeks Baroni has been telling everyone that this fight will be different. He says he has moved out of Vegas, properly recovered from shoulder surgery, and rededicated his life, putting all his eggs in one basket for one last run at a championship. He kept on saying how he has put in the work, and guaranteed ‘punting season’ and ‘Hammer House Ground and Pound 2.0’come fight time.

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During fight week, even just looking at Baroni, you can already tell he’s much more conditioned and confident than his first ONE FC bout last year. Come fight time, Baroni delivered on all his promises down to the letter. He landed punches standing up, stuffed takedowns, and unleashed a barrage of shots on the ground finishing Ribeiro in one minute.

During GnP 2.0 as he called it, Baroni landed 5 soccer kicks and a flurry of big punches which led to Ribeiro laying on the mat for an extended period. Following the impressive finish, thousands and thousands of Filipino fans went wild in the arena, and an enthusiastic NYBA went on with one of the more memorable post-fight celebrations.

Prior to the fight, naysayers have said that Baroni should retire, or that he would be once again lose badly to a guy from the best MMA camp in Asia. He proved them wrong, but can this reinvented Phil Baroni have one last run in him? Time will tell, but last night the NYBA clearly defied the odds, stole the show, and won him over a lot of fans.

Highlights from Baroni’s fight along with all the prelim action can be found here: ONE FC 5 Pride of a Nation Prelim Gifs | Main Card: One FC 5 Pride Of A Nation Gif Round Up

After the jump, a the soccer kick finish and a bonus photo of Baroni celebrating after the fight.

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Here’s a bonus photo of Phil Baroni chugging a liter of the famous Filipino strong beer, Red Horse while celebrating in the Hotel after the fight:

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Phil Baroni’s Fight Blog leading up to ONE FC: Pride of a Nation

We’re just a few weeks away from ONE FC: Pride of a Nation which goes down on August 31st live on and we thought it would only be right to give Phil Baroni an exclusive Fight Blog hosted on MiddleEasy. The New York Bad Ass will take on Evolve MMA’s Rodrigo Ribeiro in Manila at the end of this month, so check out what’s floating through Baroni’s mind in this first installment of his MiddleEasy Fight Blog, created by Phil Baroni.

My weekend was great. I spent the weekend in Huntington Beach. I had a wedding to go to in that area. And I trained at the HB Ultimate Training Center. Hits some pads…just had a great weekend. Hung out on the boardwalk. I just had a good time. It was the US Open of Surfing. I used to surf when I was a kid, so I was just chilling and watching that on the beach.

Today was wrestling practice at AKA. DC ran a really tough wrestle practice. It was real hard. We drilled hard, six five-minute rounds so like thirty minutes of hard drilling. Then we went from live five, five-minute matches.

My training has been great. I made the move, I committed myself 100%. I left Las Vegas. I made the move to San Jose, California to train full time at AKA — and not fuck around anymore in Sin City and gamble, drink all my money away — party all my money away. Giving this one last go in ONE FC. I want to win a title before I’m done — before it’s time to say goodbye. I feel like I have a good opportunity to do that in ONE FC.

Yeah, leaving Vegas — there is nothing good there. All I was doing was gambling and drinking there — staying out late and blowing all my money. I had to get the fuck out of there. I wasted a lot of time there for some reason. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been drawn back to that fucking place. Now that I’m here in San Jose full time. It feels great.

There is a big difference in recreational activities, rather than going to a slot bar and having a couple of drinks and putting a hundred bucks into a fucking video poker machine—I go to Santa Cruz. I hang out at the beach. I go hang out on the boardwalk. I go to Capitola. There’s so much shit to do here and so many nice things to see. I’m productive — a healthy lifestyle. I go to the farmer’s market and I get strawberries. You can go to the farmers market here and get healthy, organic fruit and be excited about that. In Vegas if I went to a slot bar and I hit a royal on a video poker machine, I’m either blowing it on strippers at the Spearmint Rhino or getting a table and bottle service at one of the night clubs in Las Vegas or blowing it that way, so here it’s a big difference. I either have my face in strippers’ asses or I have my face in fresh, organic strawberries.

I’m at AKA right now training with the team. A ton of guys there: Josh Thompson, Jon Fitch, Mike Swick and other guys who I don’t actually train with who are just in the room and bring it up a level like Daniel Cormier, Cain Velasquez. There’s so many guys here. Tyson Griffin is here. I’ve been training with him a lot. There’s a ton of talent. Everywhere you go, there’s a pretty intense guy training real hard and you can’t get an easy workout in if you wanted to — you just get smashed.

For wrestling—Daniel Cormier runs a great practice. It’s an Olympic-level practice. I really have gone back to my wrestling, my wrestling is a lot better than it has been. Over the years, I have kind of neglected it. Not only have I gotten it back but I’ve made some improvements — technical improvements. My jiu-jitsu is always solid. We have a new coach here called Leandro from Brazil, he’s awesome. He’s helped my game a lot. My mind’s a lot more opened—we’re going for a lot more stuff than in the past.

What’s going through my mind right now is that I really need a win. I’ve fucked up a lot. I’ve wasted a lot of time. Took some dumb fights — some of the fights I wasn’t ready just because I needed the money. I made some bad choices and haven’t been in the best shape. I didn’t train year-round. I would just train for two months — eight weeks to get in shape for a fight or get my weight down so I’d be able to fight. Now I’m training full time. Its better late than never. I can’t go back. I’m making the most of the time I have left. I feel good though. I feel great. I think I’m like — Chael Sonnen was saying — all the guys that he’s been around his whole career, Randy Couture, Dan Henderson…they are all peaking later. They are all better than they ever were at later stages in their career. Chael Sonnen — when I was in UFC and working out he wasn’t even good and now he is one of the best in the world. Dan Henderson is better than he has ever been at 40 years old, so I think I am a late bloomer too. I took a little bit of time to mature and get my shit together. Like I said it’s better late than never. I’ve got my shit together. I matured. I’m going to make the most of it.

I’ve always done well fighting in Asia. Muhammed Ali fought Joe Frasier — ‘Thrilla in Manila’ — I’m stoked to be fighting in a place like where history happened. I want to go out there and put on a great show. I want to win over the Filipino fans. There are a lot of great Filipino fighters right now coming up in boxing and also in mixed martial arts. In boxing everyone know Pac-Man and the Filipino Flash. There’s a lot of people coming out of the Philippines right now. A lot of world champions. In ONE FC you see world champions in mixed martial arts. They have a really educated fan base there. I can’t wait to introduce them to the New York Bad Ass. I want to come on strong with an impressive knock out. I’m going to train real hard for that and resurrect my career. Get back in the map. I know a lot of people count me out. I want to reestablish myself — I’m looking at this as a resurrection opportunity to come back and restart my career and make good on what I should have done years ago.

It’s a great card — with a bunch of big name fighters (old and new). I want them to learn about the New York Bad Ass. That kid from New York after the fight is over. I want to steal the show. I want to be the best fighter there. To my fans in the U.S., thanks for all of the support over the years. Thank you so much. I’ve got one more run left in me for a world title. I’m looking to come away with a ONE FC championship before I’m done. I know a lot of people are counting me out but I want to thank my fans for their support—and my family and my wife and thanks for the support. I’m going to restart my career and jump start here with this move and this training environment — living here full time, I’ve rededicated myself to the sport. I’m older but I’m wiser and I’m stronger and take a look at me right now and you watch me train I’m 36 years old and I look better than the young kids.

My next move is to win the fucking title in One FC and let’s go from there.

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I would like to thank my wife, Angela, for believeing in me; my family for there support; AKA for the training, coaching, and guidance; Future legend for there support; GYF Gear for the new equipment and for helping me fall asleep faster at night. Special thanks to Enson Inoue for specially designing me a Destiny Forever Rosary Bracelet and Rome of FOKAI for all the support over the years.

Phil B

14 Questions With Phil Baroni

14 questions with Phil Baroni
By Eric Hobaugh

When I think about Phil Baroni, several images come to mind. The walk in. The shades. The physique. Thefuck you attitude. Exciting fights. The epic battles against Evan Tanner (times two) and Ikuhisa Minowa stand out in my mind as some of the most memorable moments in his MMA career. He is a legend of the sport. He has fought all over the world against some of the best in the business. He is also a good guy who is well liked by not only fans, but is well respected as a fighter. He is still fighting and says he will get back to the big show. I think if he can put a couple of wins together, he could realistically get back to Dream, Strikeforce or even the UFC. Sure he is 14-14, but who cares. He is still the New York Bad Ass. Randy Couture ended his career 19-11. Everyone eventually looses in MMA.

He was nice enough to answer some questions for us here at

1. You have had a long and amazing career in MMA. What is the highlight moment in your career?

I hope it hasn’t happened yet. I’d have to say beating Minowa in PRIDE, I was brought in to lose and I flipped the swich on them and stomped his fucking head in. It also led to a pretty good run for me in PRIDE.

2. Pride or UFC?

I like the Ring and the rules as well as the judging system in PRIDE.

3. How do you feel about Alister Oveteem’s positive test for PED’s?

Fuck man, it sucks for him. I like the guy and I like watching him fight…. That’s another thing I liked about PRIDE to be honest, no testing. It was up to the fighter to do whatever it took to be the best. I want to see the best fighters go at it. I mean fuck it, let’s see who is the best in the world, not who is the best in the world at beating drug test. ‘Laughs” It is what it is and I feel bad for Allister

4. Who did you look up to when you were starting out?

Coleman, Shamrock, Vitor Belfort

5. Who hit you the hardest in a fight?

I don’t know I got hit by a lot of hard punchers. I can’t say.

6. When is your next fight?

June 2 Ring of Fire in Denver.
He fights Chris THE HAMMER Holland

7. Why don’t you write a book about your life inside and outside of fighting? I bet of fans would love to hear your story and it would sell very well.

I have a lot of crazy stories . Stories that I shouldn’t ever tell. Its been a wild ride to be honest and if I could do it all over again I’d say fuck it and really go hard. My biggest regret is I didn’t really go nuts,

8. Do you have plans to open a gym?

Maybe someday, I’d like to do something overseas maybe, Who knows man. I don’t know what I’m doing next week.

9. Do you have Clothing line? How can fans buy your merchandise?

Check out future legend, and my web site

10. Who is the greatest fighter of all time?

I’d have to say Fedor, Anderson Silva or Dan Henderson

11. What does your life after fighting look like?

I have no idea, I’m not done fighting.

12. I will always remember you as a guy who showed up in shape and gave the people what they wanted. A fucking fight! You were never in a boring fight. How do you want to be remembered inside the octagon/ring?

Exactly how you described me.

13. I have to ask this man, California, Japanese or New York girls?


14. In your second fight with Evan Tanner, I thought it was very close. He won a unanimous decision. How do you think we can improve MMA judging?

Hire former fighters to judge fights or at least fucking guys who know what they are looking at.

Phil Baroni on twitter is @philbaroni
Phil on Facebook is

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Baroni Just Wants A Win Streak And A Chance To Fight In NY For The UFC

The New York Bad Ass will be back in action on June 2nd, headlining ROF 43: Bad Blood in Broomfield, Colorado. His opponent will be welterweight Chris “The Hammer” Holland (4-3 in MMA, 1-1 in ROF). Phil had this to say about his upcoming opponent and his plans for the 2012 year:

Chris: Hey Phil, I heard you have a new fight scheduled? What’s up?

Phil: Yeah in Ring of Fire! There is a poster and stuff. Guys name is Chris “The Hammer” Holland. He likes to bang, so the fight is pretty much going to go like this, BANG BANG he’s dead!

Chris: Haha that’s awesome. So where is this fight happening?

Phil: Denver, so it’s going to be really good for my cardio, thin air is easier to breathe.

I owe the Montreal show Instinct a fight and One FC two more fights.

Chris: Ok, so you have big plans and a busy schedule for 2012

Phil: Yeah, I plan on fighting as often as possible, staying in shape and training hard. I don’t have a lot of time left so I’m going to make the most of it . I’ve been a pro over 11 years and I only have 26 fights, so its time to get off the couch put the beer down, throw out the cigs and get busy!

Then its UFC in NY or Hawaii, my home away from home. I live on the 9th island right now, so I’d like to fight in my home states in the UFC.

Chris: I’m sure there would be a large outcry of support for NYBA to be on the 1st New York UFC card. Is this something you’ve talked to Dana White about doing?

Phil: Nah, he is super busy. I don’t see Uncle Dana anymore these days. I’m now a red headed step child.

I just want to fuck shit up in One FC and fight tough guys so I have a win streak! Show that I’m worthy of a UFC fight when it’s all said and done, in time for Madison Square Garden!

Chris: LOL! (red headed step child) Are you still training out of AKA for the fight?

Phil: Yeah I’m headed there tonight! I’m going to put a good camp in there, smash this hammer busta and stay busy! Keep training and bang all these fights out!

Chris: That a boy! I’m routing for ya! Baroni = exciting fights! Well I appreciate the time, any last words from NYBA?

Phil: Na. I want to thank all my fans for all the support over the years. The old bad ass is going to kick some ass this year! Follow me on twitter if you want @philbaroni or get on my fan page on face book. My web site is the I’m going to start blogging on that again, one of these days.

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February 25, 2012

To be honest I’m finding it hard to be motivated. I don’t have a definite fight set yet. I’ve been doing my lifting and athletic training. I need to build my body back strong; I have to work on my speed and agility. These are things I never worried about and took for granted in my younger years.   I’m struggling with getting my training set up in Vegas. I’m kind of a guy who likes to go to the gym and be told what to do. Like college wrestling–mindless training.  I fucking hate thinking and setting my shit up. Work here with him, there with him. It’s just BS that really sucks.  That’s what I like about AKA. I just go there and come to the gym twice a day and next thing I know I’m in fight shape. I don’t have to plan everything out myself.

On another note I’m waiting to see about this reality show. I hope the fucking thing gets picked up so I have the opportunity to prove myself. I let them film me after surgery when I was kinda down and out coming off a loss.  I let them film me because I’m confident its still not too late to turn my career around.  Fuck, it will suck if there are no more episodes and they leave me hanging looking like that.

But fuck it. I’ve been through worse and have rebounded from looking worse.  It is what it is and whatever happens, happens.  If it’s mean to be it will be.

I’m lifting and my strength is evening out.   My legs are strong. My pull is decent but my push strength is lagging.  It’s not easy coming off an injury. I fucking made it worse by eating like shit and drinking a lot. But again, it is what it is. At the end of the day all that matters is how I perform next time I’m in the ring.

I’m getting a lot of offers from shows wanting me to be a stepping stone for their up and coming young stars.

One thing I am not, is a stepping stone or a pushover fight for anyone. I’m thinking of taking my first fight back in May in Canada against some young pup there trying to build. I’m going to come in there in top shape and fuck his world up. Rain on the promoters’ parade after I slap the shit out of their poster boy.

I’m on a bit of a rant. But I’m sick of this BS. I remember when I couldn’t get a fight in the UFC because nobody wanted to get KTFO. Now all these young hot shots and these promotions are contacting me to get beat. Fuck, the last time that happened it was the Japanese and PRIDE who were bringing me in to get beat.  We all know how that turned out when I stomped on Minowa’s head and sent him to get his fucking shine box.

I’m figuring I’m going to join Randy’s and train at pro practice.  Train Jits at Drysdales and keep lifting at PSI. That seems like a good plan.  It’s three gyms but fuck it.  I think thats what I’m going to do. Three really good places to train. I’m also going to stop by One Kick Nick’s when he gets back from Japan.

One thing about One Kick I just realized is he cornered me for every one of my big wins. Suloeve, Menne, Minowa Chonnan.  My two biggest UFC wins and my two biggest Pride wins. WTF right?   Imagine how good I would have done if I stayed with Nick.  Grass was always greener on the other side for me after a loss. Shoulda stayed put. But you live and you learn.   Can’t go back now although sometimes I wish I could.

You know what–fuck the negativity. I’ll be 36 soon. I’m still strong. I still have a hell of a chin. My speed is above average these days and I’ll keep working hard to improve it.    I have good wrestling that I have to start using again.  In  fact I have real good wrestling, I just got to dust it off. I’m strong and I hit as hard as anyone in the division. In fact I’d venture to say I hit the hardest in the division with both hands.   I been doing jits as long as I’ve been training.   I’m a black belt in fighting jiu-jitsu.  You don’t see me getting arm barred or triangled.   I have great boxing and I’m working on my Muay Thai

Conditioning is the problem. It’s what I work on and worry about the most during my training camps.   I’ve never been an endurance athlete. The only reason I ever lost a wrestling match growing up was fatigue. Some guys are born with natural endurance, and some like myself are not.  But over the years I have learned a few tricks and I’ll be using them all. In my last fight conditioning wasn’t an issue and the fight went three rounds and it was a grinding wrestling and grappling type fight. So I can have endurance, I just have to work longer and harder than everyone else.  It’s just like chin or punching power either you got or you don’t.  It’s genetic I believe. But fuck it, by the right prep strategy and game plan I think after all these years I have a handle on it.

Do the most with what you got is what I always believed.  I’m going to push the shit out of myself.  And ride this bitch ’til the wheels fall off.  I feel healthy. My body feels good.  I just need to get in  the gym and put it all together.

As I write this blog Im getting motivated,  I still have a fire.

I see Rampage’s house on TV and think, Damn Why don’t I have nice shit like that.  You know what?   I still want it. I just had a few bad breaks. Things could have gone differently and I’d be where  some of the successful fighters I came up with are today.  Fuck it, like they say you got to roll with the punches.  This blog today was kinda self-help….  I mean do you wanna hear about how I played poker and had a few beers and ended up at Little Darlings?  Do you want to hear I smoked a joint ate a bunch of shitty food and laid on my couch?

Ha ha… well, maybe you do. I’ll throw some more of those stories in there as well.

I got this India trip coming up and I’m excited about it.   They got elephants and tigers and shit over there.  Maybe I can go on a safari.  Jungle Book was about India, not Africa like everyone thinks. India has some real cool shit–stuff you can’t find anywhere else.  It will be another stamp on my passport and adventure I’ll blog about.

One thing I have got out of this fighting thing is I got to see the world.   That was one of the main reasons I got into this game.  I’ve seen the world, met so many interesting and unique people, and had experiences I never could have even imagined.  I’m very blessed to be able to do this and get paid for it. I am by no means rich and maybe I don’t have that many nice things. But I have seen the world, and I have gained so many great experiences that money cannot buy.  I’ve walked to the ring and was cheered in foreign lands. I signed autographs for children and shared a bed with many exotic women.  On that note, I’ll end this blog until next time. Word to your mother.

February 22, 2012

I have been wasting a lot of time on the computer, so I might as well be constructive about it and start my blog today.

First of all, I’m excited to say that I have an announcing gig with The Super Fight League in Mumbai, India on March 11, 2012. That’s going to be a crazy trip. As much as I have traveled, India is one place I’ve never been and hardly know anything about. It will be a pretty big event. They’re bringing in J-Lo to do a concert during half time. These SFL guys are coming out with a bang and are definitely not being cheap about it. I’d like to help them with fight booking etc. if they ask me. There are a lot of good fighters not signed to exclusive deals out there. Plus they are going to have to figure out a way to build their home-grown talent.

Currently, I’ve been spending most of my time training. I trained all last month light at Xtreme Couture. I grappled a lot in the catch wrestling class and did pro practice when they weren’t sparring. I’m just working myself back into shape slowly. I’ve been hitting mitts with Marc Beecher a few times a week. I need to work on my Muyai Thai a lot more. Marc’s pretty much one of the best American Thai boxing coaches for MMA. He holds some some of America’s best Thai boxers like Kevin Ross.

It feels pretty good to be back training. Today I rolled at Drysdale’s. Always a great room with a lot of good guys there. I learn something every class. I need to get my ass in there more often and roll. I know it’s a great gym; Frank Mir is in there all the time, plus Forrest Griffin, John Alessio and some great Brazilian fighters, too.

As far as building my body back, I’ve been going to PSI, Mark Philippe’s gym. He held the World’s Strongest Man title. He also was the head athletic trainer at UNLV. I’ve been going in there lifting real heavy, trying to get my strength back where it needs to be. I was pretty weak when I got there; with my shoulder injury I think I was about as week as I was in high school. I definitely could bench more as a junior in HS. Anyway, been training there three days a week for a month and a half. I’m getting my strength back up pretty quickly. The weird thing is I’m starting to look stronger than I am. I should be benching over 365 and squatting over 405, by the way I look. I guess the muscle memory thing works in the looks department before it comes to the strength of the muscles.

So I’ve been lifting consistently and training light so as to not re-injure myself. I’ve been in the gym consistently twice a day for over a month. Im starting to see and feel the results. I’m twice as strong as when I started and running 5 miles faster than I ran 3 miles six weeks ago.

Coutors Gym is solid. Same core guys as usual working hard. My boy Jay Heiron from NY always grinding. Martin Campman and Mike Pyle are all doing good and have successful UFC careers. Brad Tavares is in there also looking tough. And the rest of the team

I’m still deciding where I’m going to have my training camp and how I want to split it. AKA is always easy for me. Same gym same times twice a day. Worst case I’ll do that a month for hard sparring and training with the team. Or maybe two months if I need to and I don’t have it set in Vegas.

All said, I’m feeling pretty healthy for the first time in years. I think my shoulder is good. Both my knees have been scoped. I got two discs in my neck and one in my back shot up under Xray and they feel great. I think with a good training camp and staying healthy I can give it a go this year. Though I do have to change my game up a bit by incorporating my wrestling and Thai boxing into my game plan. I know I can’t just go out there trying to sprawl and brawl from the get-go time and time again.

At the last UFC I had a bit too much to drink. LOL actually at the last two UFC’s I had a lot to drink. Then I went out and partied a little too hard. I got thrown out of I think Tryst ha ha. As I write this first blog I’m thinking this blogging shit isn’t for me. Im pretty private. My home life is good. The wife is good. I don’t like people knowing my shit and I guess I’m a loner when it comes down to it. I do my own thing a lot, and I like it that way. I went to Thailand alone for two months. I go to training camps at AKA to pretty much be alone. I guess I’m a loner; interesting I never really knew that. I excelled in wrestling and I’m a pro fighter—both individual sports. Probably has something to do with why I like to switch up training camps a lot. Or maybe not.

I do have regrets other than not training hard year round and being coachable when I was younger. I regret two things. One, I didn’t get into boxing at a young age when I wanted to. But that wasn’t under my control; there was no boxing where I lived. If I could have I woulda rode my bike 20 miles like I did back then to wrestling clinics. But I woulda trained Muyai Thai. I just really like the sport for some reason. I woulda loved to compete in Thailand and traveled and trained there and around the world. As a kid I loved wrestling but I wish I was a Thai boxer, even though there is no money or fame in it. I just love and respect the sport. I really enjoy the training and the toughness of it.

With that being said, I’ll be 36 in April and although I tell myself Chuck Lidell didn’t win the title until he was 36, the clock is ticking. The sport is evolving and I have some catching up to do. I’m not sure how much longer I can compete on a high level and make enough money where it’s worth it for the amount of abuse I take and longterm damage I’m doing to my body. My chin’s still solid, thank god. I’m healthy now and I can wrestle. I’m pretty comfortable where ever the fight goes and I have a ton of big fight experience. I guess at this point I have to focus on my skill set more than my physical. Something I never did in the past. I have to become a better skilled fighter rather than rely on trying to out-physical everyone I fight. Beat them pretty much how I was always getting beat in the past, out-techniqued and game planned. I have to increase my skill set, use my brain and mix it it up. I can’t plan on overpowering and KO-ing everyone I face. I probably lost some speed over the years. I definitely have lost strength, but I know how to fight much better than I ever did in the past. I’m also a lot more open to learning and adapting.

I still have a hunger and passion for the sport. I still have drive and determination. They say the last thing a fighter loses is his punch, so if all else fails I can alway throw a Hail Mary right hand.

I’ll finish my last blog with this. I’m going to train hard and prepare the best I can where I am for my next fight where ever that may be. I still hold onto the big dreams I had over ten years ago when I got into the game. But I’m setting smaller, more accomplishable goals. Goals I can achieve regularly. One thing that will never change is I always leave it all in the ring.

If you guys have any questions e-mail them to the site I’ll answer them in a blog once I get enough.

Thanks for the support and reading my blog and questions or comments are appreciated.


Exclusive Interview with Phil Baroni

GroundandPound: Thank you for the interview, Phil. How are you?
Phil Baroni: I’m good.

We learned that you signed a contract as a commentator for the new organization in India – Super Fight League. What can you tell us about the upcoming organization?
I know it’s going to be big. The guys behind it are super successful and they are spending money. They know what they are getting into and going for it.

You seem to enjoy your time in Asia, starting to train there, then fight there for One FC and now working as a commentator?
Yeah, I like Asia a lot. I always have. But it’s a big place and very different. You can’t compare Thailand to Korea or Japan to Singapore . I have no idea what India will be like but from what I have researched it’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax.

As I mentioned, your last fight was for One FC in Singapore. How did you like the show?
I loved it. It was bigger and better than I expected. The show quality was outstanding. All the fighters were skilled and in good condition. It was a top notch show. I can compare it to my days fighting in Bushido and it also had the feel of the UFC before TUF. It was professional, yet still somewhat exotic. Like the movie Blood Sport. Different fighters from all over the globe coming together to see who was the best. I liked being the token white boy and representing America.

You got defeated by Yoshiyuki Yoshida at the event, what went wrong for you in that fight?
I don’t like to make excuses for losses. That won’t happen to me again. I had a bad fight and didn’t fight to my potential or to the expectations One FC had for me.

What did you do since the fight?
Well, I was eating like a fat pig and boosing a bit. I had surgery right after my fight and made the best of my down time in Vegas. But the last few months I been rehabbing hard. I’ve been lifting weights and doing stuff to make me a better athlete. I’m cleared to start training full out now and am I’m training and getting strong and fit.

How does your contract with One FC look like, do you have another fight scheduled with them?
I ’ll be fighting again for them soon. I don’t like to talk about my personal relationship with One FC out in the open, like everyone does in the USA with the UFC. I’m happy with the deal I have with One FC.

Do you already know when you will be back in the cage?
April or May. Nothing is signed yet, nothing is official. But once I start, I plan on fighting regularly and kick ass again. I plan on staying in the gym and fight every 6 to 8 weeks if possible.

How big is MMA in Singapore?
I think it’s going to be huge just like it will be in the rest of the world. Singapore I believe is a great market for MMA. But what do I know, I’m only a fighter. That’s not my business. Evolve is a big gym over there with world class fighters. It’s growing and is very successful. I think Singapore will be a hot bed for MMA in the future.

How successful do you think can One FC be on a global basis?
One FC is already huge in South-East Asia, they have a huge TV deal with ESPN Asia. They are on 600 million homes. That’s one of the reasons I went out and contacted One FC about me going and competing for them. I saw the potential South-East Asia had. I wanted to get in on it in the beginning. Be a pioneer over there like Gracie, Shamrock, and Coleman in the US.

Finally, do you have anything else you want to tell your fans?
Just thanks for the support for all these years. I appreciate the support. Follow me on Twitter @philbaroni, friend request me on facebook, and check out my website I’m going to be posting blogs on there, videos and shit. I’m trying to make it cool for my fans. Check it out. Oh and to my new fans in Singapore: Don’t worry ladies, I ‘ll be bringing sexy back really soon.

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September 15, 2001 part 2

Post fight. What a bitch. Just a terrible performance on my part. I have nobody to blame besides Shamata a bit (the ref), the guy is so crooked, probably the only guy in Japan who gets booed. Anyway I fought like I used to in 2003 and lost just the same as I did in 2003. I was focused only on getting a KO. I was in a new environment, a promising new promotion and I had the opportunity to everyone what I was about. A well rounded, experienced, aggressive, conditioned fighter. Instead I went in head hunting, never altered my game plan and was fixated on scoring a KO.

What bullshit and a terrible way to blow a great opportunity.

I felt I did everything in camp and in Singapore right leading up to the fight. I was perfect with everything except the most important part, fighting.

What the fuck, I mean really, how long have I been doing this shit? Let me tell this though. I have learned my lesson. I will not make the mistakes I have made over again. I will use all my trained fighting abilities. I’m sick over my last performance. It was horrible and for now on I’ll fight like the true MMA fighter I am.

Looking back, I should have gave my all on the guillotine in the last round. I have no idea why I didn’t squeeze with everything I had. It just wasn’t my night and for some reason God planned it that way.

I truly believe I can smash that guy and still fight with the best.

I have a bum shoulder that I’ve been advised to take care or surgically. So that’s what’s next for me. I need to find a doctor to fix me right and get me back ASAP because I understand time is not on my side, I’d love and give anything to be at AKA right now, training 2Xs a day but I can’t so I’ll have to try and stay on my diet and not blow up like a fat bastard and keep smoking and drinking to a minimum.

I want to thank my wife, family, fans, AKA, Duke Skywalker, Josh Thomson, Grant Sandow, Tiger Muai thai, Future Legend, Facial Abuse, FOKAI, ONE FC, Evolve, Fairtex, Eric Kelm, The UGC for all the continued support support.

I’ll be back!

September 15, 2011 part 1

As far as ONE FC goes, the show was top notch and I greatly look forward to fighting there again. ONE FC had the big show feel, which surprised me. From the pre-fight intro to backstage to the crowd, ONE FC came out of the gate swinging and is a real deal big league fight organization. ONE FC reminded me of a cross between pre Spike TV UFC’s and PRIDE Bushido.

The show was really well run and professional. From my host Mayling, the hotel, the arena, the after party, fans, Singapore, ONE FC blew all my expectations. The owner, Victor Cui, was super professional yet extremely cool. Which also was a nice surprise. The staff was great and super friendly, very family-like atmosphere like the old luffa crew before the UFC explosion back in the day. I have no complaints except for maybe Shamata the ref about the entire show. I give it an A plus grade. And I’ve been around the block as a professional fighter the last 10 or so years. All in all, I’m very happy to have been a part of the history of ONE FC by being the co main on its premier event. I look forward to fighting again for Victor and winning a bunch of fights in Southeast Asia and becoming the ONE FC’s first welterweight champion. I also have to thank Tiger Muahi Thai and Ray Elbe for the support and the preflight training.

I also met Yodchatri Sityodtong (Chatri) owner of EVOLVE MMA in Singapore. Chatri put me up and let me train at his gym after the fight as well as preflight the week of. His gym and training are off the hook and his hospitality is greatly appreciated.